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Mainly AQA Maths Papers

GCSE Maths Past Papers

A large selection of AQA exam papers and mark schemes, in PDF format.

Download free online AQA maths papers and mark schemes. Click a link below to select a specification, such as the current 4360 spec.
More Info When you download a past paper, the PDF document will open in a new window. The window size is less than the screen size and so you will notice that a window has opened that partly conceals the original window.

The new window can be maximised, minimised and dragged just like any window. Even so, a new window can confuse users. For example, inadvertently clicking the original window causes the PDF window to 'disappear' behind the original. You can bring it back to the front by using alt+tab or by clicking it on the taskbar.

Once you have finished with the PDF it is a good idea to close the new window - click the red cross at the top, right corner. There is more info on PDF documents on the home page.

If you have a problem printing a paper click Printing Your Past Paper for advice. Acknowledgement: you access the papers via links to other websites. AQA past papers are provided courtesy of the AQA's website.
More Info When you click a link to a past paper, the window shows a web page from the past paper website and not the Edu-sol site. If you see a message that the site is not available, it could be that the site is temporarily closed for maintenance. Because you are viewing via a link to an external site, the downtime is beyond the control of Edu-Sol.

Online Past Paper Marking

Do a Past Exam Paper Online
Your answers are marked using the past paper marking system, called Past Paper Quiz (PPQ). The system provides the mark and an answer for each question, plus an explanation where relevant and your overall grade.

Example Test
A simple example of doing an exam paper online. This test consists of just one question - a short-answer type - from the AQA June 2010 exam, Module 5, Paper 1 (43055/1H).


The example above is a cut down past paper quiz, displayed in this window for convenience.

When you click to open a full PPQ, it should open in a new window. You may find it is easier to do a quiz if you first maximise that window to fill the screen.
More Info You have to log in to do most of the quizzes so that you can review your answers later and repeat the quiz if necessary. You can log in with a visitor account or sign up for your own account. When you click the quiz link the login window explains the detail.

After logging in, when you have finished, quit the quiz by clicking logout. The new window will close. To close the window, without logging in or without logging out, click the window's close button.

Practice Quiz

Before you attempt a Past Paper Quiz, you are strongly recommended to practise by doing the Practice Quiz. If you are not familiar with entering answers online, you can easily lose marks in questions when you type in a calculation or an equation. You have to use the BODMAS rule.

The Practice Quiz provides advice about the different types of quiz question, how to use BODMAS and emphasises the importance of showing your working in a calculation. The advice should help with writing out calculations in an exam paper.
Click this Practice Quiz link.

Practice Writing Calculations
Just three, simple questions that practise writing calculations. No need to log-in. Click
Test Your Skill - Writing Maths Calculations

Test Your Web Browser for Maths
The Internet Explorer browser on a laptop and desktop supports maths expressions and equations. But, for best results download the free MathsPlayer plugin. To test your browser and for more detail click here.

Are the Topic Tests and PPQs Free?
The following are completely free:

The Stats 1 and Stats 2 online Topic Tests and the rest of the PPQs are not free, although there is an option to obtain access. This option is provided as a free benefit available when you make a small contribution to an established charity.

Links to the Past Paper Quizzes

You can log in with a visitor account or your own personal user name. When you click the quiz link the login window explains the detail.

Your quiz answers and marks are saved, so you can review them later. You can re-do a quiz as many times as you wish.
More Info If you log in as a visitor you may wish to record the username and the attempt number. You can then log in later with the same username to review that previous attempt.

If you wish - although not recommended - you can simply enter wrong answers for all the questions. The feedback then provides the correct answers.

Free Past Paper Quizzes

Two free past paper quizzes, based on Module 1 and Module 3 questions, for Unit 1 and Unit 2 Statistics, Number and Algebra revision.

Click a link below to do a free Past Paper Quiz.

Unit 1 PPQ / Module 1 Foundation Questions
Unit 1 PPQ / Module 1 Higher Questions
Unit 2 PPQ / Module 3 Foundation Questions
Unit 2 PPQ / Module 3 Higher Questions

The 43602H Unit 2 Quizzes

These are Higher Tier revision quizzes, based on the AQA Unit 2 No-Calculator past paper.

Preview-Lite (Free)
Unit 2 June 11 Higher Tier PP Quiz (43602H) Unit 2 June 12 Higher Tier PP Quiz (43602H)

Preview-Standard (Free)
Unit 2 June 11 Higher Tier PP Quiz (43602H)

New Style-Lite
Unit 2 June 11 Higher Tier PP Quiz (43602H)
Unit 2 June 12 Higher Tier PP Quiz (43602H)

New Style
Unit 2 June 11 Higher Tier PP Quiz (43602H)

The 43603H Unit 3 Practice Paper Quiz

The Unit 3 Practice Paper PPQ is a Higher Tier revision quiz, based on the AQA Unit 3 Set 1 Calculator Practice Paper.

Preview-Lite (Free)
Unit 3 Set 1 Higher Tier PP Quiz (43603H)

Preview-Standard (Free)
Unit 3 Set 1 Higher Tier PP Quiz (43603H)

New Style-Lite
Unit 3 Set 1 Higher Tier PP Quiz (43603H)

Download AQA GCSE Past Papers and Mark Schemes

The links to the AQA past papers are back

The New Papers - Units 1, 2 and 3 (4360)
Click a tab to select the Unit and Tier (F or H).

Unit 3 Specimen Papers (4360)

Unit 3 Foundation Specimen Paper (43603F)
Unit 3 Foundation Mark Scheme (43603F)
Unit 3 Higher Specimen Paper (43603H)
Unit 3 Higher Mark Scheme (43603H)

Practice Papers and Mark Schemes (4360)
Click a tab to select a Practice Paper Set.

The New Linear Papers 1 and 2 (4365)

June 2012 Paper 1 Foundation PP 43651F
June 2012 Paper 1 Foundation MS 43651F
June 2012 Paper 1 Higher PP 43651H
June 2012 Paper 1 Higher MS 43651H
June 2012 Paper 2 Foundation PP 43652F
June 2012 Paper 2 Foundation MS 43652F
June 2012 Paper 2 Higher PP 43652H
June 2012 Paper 2 Higher MS 43652H
Nov 2012 Paper 1 Foundation PP 43651F
Nov 2012 Paper 1 Foundation MS 43651F
Nov 2012 Paper 1 Higher PP 43651H
Nov 2012 Paper 1 Higher MS 43651H
Nov 2012 Paper 2 Foundation PP 43652F
Nov 2012 Paper 2 Foundation MS 43652F
Nov 2012 Paper 2 Higher PP 43652H
Nov 2012 Paper 2 Higher MS 43652H

Maths 'A' 4306 Linear Papers
Click a tab and scroll to select.

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New Style 4360 Past Paper Quizzes
Revise for Unit 2 and Unit 3 with these Higher Tier revision exams called past paper quizzes (PPQs). Click a link below for a Preview-Lite sample quiz.

Unit 2 June 2011 Past Paper (Free)
Unit 2 June 2012 Past Paper (Free)
Unit 3 Set 1 Practice Paper (Free)

The Unit 2 June 2011 and the Unit 3 Set 1 PPQ quizzes include YouTube video answers to the questions.

To sample a video from the Unit 3 Practice Paper, click this link:
Video Solution Qu 1

Click here for links to all the New Style quizzes.

Are New Style Quizzes Free?
The Preview versions of the PPQ quizzes are free. To do the Preview-Lite and most of the other free quizzes you can log in with a visitor account or your own personal user name. When you click the quiz link the login window explains the detail. You may be asked do you wish to enrol to do the quiz? Respond 'yes'.

To do a Preview-Standard version you have to log in with your own user name.

The full New Style quizzes are not free. To access a New Style PPQ you must log in with your own personal user name and your user name must be validated for the New Style quizzes.
More Info If your username has not been validated for access, a message is displayed and access is denied.

Mainly Maths does not charge for access. Access is made available as a free benefit in return for a small charitable donation. Currently, Mainly Maths supports the St. Catherine's Hospice Charity.

For a minimum £2.50 donation your personal login is validated. That gives you access to all the quizzes, the New Style quizzes and the Topic Tests on Statistics.

Click here for further information.

A New Style Past Paper Quiz is more than just a mark scheme. As well as marking your answers it gives advice and feedback with explanations and solutions.

  • a Preview quiz that contains the first six exam questions to try.
  • a full New Style quiz. It will take at least one hour to complete but you can do just a few questions, save your answers and return later to complete the quiz.
If you repeat a Preview-Standard or a New Style quiz then you do not need to re-enter your previous answers. They are already in place and you can correct any wrong answers.

The Lite version is quicker to do but you get less feedback. If this is your first Past Paper Quiz then it is best to practise using the Preview-Lite version - just six questions and no need to show your working.
More Info In a Lite version of a quiz exam question you do not enter your working and so the mark does not include the method marks. You enter just the final answer.

If the exam question is out of 5 marks, with 2 marks for the method then, in the Lite version, you can score a maximum of 3 marks for the answer.

Links to the Different Quiz Versions

Unit 2 Higher (43602H) PPQ June 11
Unit 2 Higher (43602H) PPQ June 12
Unit 3 Higher (43603H) PPQ Practice

Unit 2 Higher (43602H) PPQ June 11
Unit 3 Higher (43603H) PPQ Practice

New Style-Lite
Unit 2 Higher (43602H) PPQ June 11
Unit 2 Higher (43602H) PPQ June 12
Unit 3 Higher (43603H) PPQ Practice

New Style-Standard
Unit 2 Higher (43602H) PPQ June 11

You can complete the Preview-Standard and the New Style quizzes over several sessions. To continue from a previous session, make a new quiz attempt. The answers from your previous attempt are preserved and so you can continue where you left off. You can modify the existing answers and complete any questions you left previously unanswered.

Past Papers and Revision
Doing past papers is an important part of revision. Simply reading model answers is not the way to learn mathematics and certainly not the way to prepare for an exam. Try to answer each question yourself and then check it against a model answer.

The past paper quizzes recognise that you may need prompts on how to get started and how to structure your answer. You are not told precisely how to answer a question, but the quizzes provide sufficient guidance so that you can make a reasonable attempt if you are not clear how to proceed.

Online Revision Tests
Online tests are ideal for revision - you can focus on specific topics and they are marked instantly.

Many online tests use multiple choice questions - popular with students and good if the exam is also multi-choice. Most exam papers use short-answer questions and so it would be a mistake just to practise multi-choice.

Topic Tests There are six tests:

  • two Statistics mainly short answer tests, on grouped frequency and probability.
  • three Number tests, covering multiplication and division, exchange rate, percentages, sale price, approximation, use of calculator, ratio, mean, standard form and surds.
  • one Basic Algebra test, covering substituting, evaluating, simplifying, factorising, solving and Unit 3 trial-and-improvement and areas and perimeters questions.
The tests are suitable revision for AQA 4360 Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3.

For links to all the available online tests go to the online tests page.

BBC Bitesize has many multiple choice online tests that are broken down into topics, such as Percentages, Decimals and so on and there are revision activities with clear explanations.

Worked examples - Histograms and Frequency Polygons for Higher Tier
The study booklet on Histograms contains example questions and solutions, including samples from past papers. To download the booklet go to the resources page.

Which Specification?
Are you completing AQA GCSE Maths on or before November 2013. Then you are following the 4360 Modular specification or the 4365 Linear.

Starting June 2014, Maths 4360 is terminally assessed. That means that the three papers, Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3, must be taken in a single exam series, either June or November.

Currently, there is only a limited choice of the Linear and the Unit 3 past papers. There are just the four sets of practice papers, specimen papers and the 2012 past papers.
More Info Are you taking the linear (non-modular) papers? When you revise Statistics (Handling Data) why not test yourself using a modular statistics paper - Unit 1 in AQA? The same with Number, use the Unit 1 and Unit 2 papers to test your Number revision. That way you can focus on relevant questions.

Printing Your Past Paper
Once you've downloaded a paper, will it print? A reliable way to start printing a PDF is the keyboard short cut Ctrl+P, which means click inside the PDF document, hold down the Ctrl key and press P.
More Info If you prefer to 'click' to start the print and you cannot see a Print button, there should be a Print option on the PDF context menu. Right-click on the content of the PDF document to display the context menu. Then click the Print option. If there is no option to print, use Ctrl+P.

After doing Ctrl+P, the Print Dialog box will open. Because you are printing a PDF, you should see the Preview picture of the PDF on the right-hand of the box.

Adobe Print Dialog Box

More Info If you do not see the PDF Preview in the Print box, close the box and try printing again. Use Ctrl+P, but make sure you first click on the inside of the PDF document, and then use Ctrl+P.

If the Print box still does not show the Preview picture, are you using the Chrome or the Firefox web browser? Both those browsers use their own PDF Viewer. See below.

If you have a problem with Google Chrome or Firefox, you may need to disable the PDF Viewer and enable the Adobe Reader plug-in. For details on that and PDF documents in browsers, go to the home page.